Sixteenth meeting: December 6-9, 2016 in Pretoria, South Africa

06/12/2016 - 09/12/2016

Detailed Meeting Program

Pre-Meeting Session

  1. Pre-meeting Session I: Background, History, and Development of WG’s Data Collection Tools [pdf]
  2. Pre-meeting Session II: Important Considerations for Implementation of the WG Tools and Analysis of Resulting Data [pdf]

Annual Meeting

Session 1: Opening Session

  1. Objectives and Agenda [pdf]


  1. Executive summary of the 15th annual WG meeting

Session 2: Development of Measures Specific to Mental Health

  1. Findings from literature review on the association between functioning and mental disorders [pdf]
  2. Review of work on the development of questions designed to measure mental health including results from analysis comparing mental health questions used in Cameroon, Canada, India and the United States [pdf]
  3. Discussion of the next steps for the workgroup on the measurement of mental health [pdf]

Session 3: Measuring Child Functioning

  1. Review of the development of the Module on Child Functioning [pdf]
  2. Presentation of results from field testing of the Module on Child Functioning [pdf]
  3. Presentation of the final question module [pdf]


Session 4: Use of the WG Tools for Disaggregation by Disability Status

This session focused on the use of the WG questions for disaggregation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other outcome indicators by disability status.

  1. Measuring disability to support the follow-up and review of SDGs [pdf]
  2. Presentation and discussion of results from WG exercise to assess the feasibility of National Statistical Offices to disaggregate SDG indicators by disability status [pdf]

Session 5: Measuring Environmental Factors and Participation

  1. Review of additional work on the WG/UNICEF Module on Inclusive Education for Children and discussion of next steps [pdf]
  2. Review of additional work on the development of a disability module intended for use in labor force surveys and discussion of next steps [pdf]
  3. Discussion of next steps for the WG in the area environmental factors and participation, including future work related to information and communications technology (ICT)

Session 6: WG Extended Set on Functioning – Proposed Guidelines for Analysis

  1. Presentation of results from additional analyses of data from the US National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) by domain [pdf]
  2. Discussion and approval of guidelines for analyzing data obtained from the WG ES-F


Session 7: Disability Measurement in Africa

  1. Disability in South Africa: Statistical Provisions and Implications [ppt]
  2. Statistics South Africa’s collaboration with the South African Department of Social Development related to disability statistics [ppt]
  3. Measuring disability in South Africa: Data gaps & challenges [ppt]
  4. Untangling Disability and Poverty: A Matching Approach Using Large-scale Data in South Africa [ppt]
  5. International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) – 2017 International Population Conference [ppt]
  6. Experience of using WG tools in French-speaking settings: An appraisal of the vulnerability of people with disabilities to HIV and other sexual and reproductive risks in Yaoundé (Cameroon) and Bujumbura (Burundi) [ppt]


  • Conceptual framework disability index draft November version

Session 8: WG Collaborations, Country Activities, and Other Related Activities

  1. Sharing Australia’s experiences – disability statistics nationally and internationally [ppt]
  2. A review of Sightsavers’ data disaggregation projects [ppt]
  3. Pilot testing the Washington Group Short Set in the Netherlands [ppt]
  4. An overview of WG’s collaborations with Handicap International, the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) Programs, and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU); and a proposal for membership in the Global Action on Disability (GLAD) Network [ppt]
  5. Summary of annual activities related to disability statistics [ppt]


  • Global Action on Disability (GLAD) Network: Terms of Reference

Session 9: Next Steps and Objectives for the 17th Meeting

  1. Discussion of next steps, objectives for the 17th meeting
  2. Closing remarks