WG Workgroups

The WG’s mission and adopted work plan, decided upon by all WG members, is carried out by workgroups constituted to address specific tasks related to disability measurement, methodologies and implementation. Workgroup membership is voluntary and currently restricted to WG members. 

Listed below are currently operating workgroups along with summaries of completed products and ongoing work.  Also listed are workgroups that have completed their work.  Several of the current and recently retired WG workgroups have evolved from workgroups established during the early years of the WG. In particular, workgroups on implementation and methodological issues have transitioned into the workgroups on specific tool development and analysis respectively. These Foundation Workgroups are acknowledged at the end of this document.

All WG members are grateful for the effort of workgroup members without whom the WG would not be able to function. 

To find out more about these workgroups, please contact the WG Secretariat.