WG Videos on Disability

The WG has produced a series of videos in partnership with the Center for Inclusive Policy designed to maximize the accessibility of information addressing common themes and topics related to the collection and use of disability statistics. The WG is grateful for the support of, Sightsavers in their production.

This set of videos is a unique contribution to the current body of WG guidance, presenting synthesized information in accessible audiovisual format. The videos may be used for a variety of purposes, including introducing concepts to new audiences, informing program administration and training enumerators.

The videos may be accessed below or from the WG YouTube channel.

Topics covered include:

Video 1: Why is it Important to Identify a Population With Disability?


Video 2: What is the Prevalence of Disability?


Video 3: How Does the WG Approach to Measuring Disability Relate to the Social Model?


Video 4: Translation of the WG Question Sets – Part 1: The Importance of Good Translation


Video 5: Translation of the WG Question Sets – Part 2: Best Practices for Translation

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