Published Materials

Below is a list of published journal articles, books (including book chapters and proceedings) and reports that focus on the tools developed by the Washington Group. This WG Published Materials list is updated periodically.

If you are aware of any published research that uses WG questions please let us know by contacting the WG Secretariat at:  


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  1. Sightsavers: Ghana Disability Data Disaggregation Pilot Project: Results of Integrating Disability into Routine Data Collection Systems. 2016 - 2018
  2. Sightsavers: Political participation in West Africa: The effective participation of men and women with disabilities in political life
  3. Sightsavers: Inclusive eye health in Bhopal: Assessing characteristics of patients and measuring equity of access to eye health services
  4. Sightsavers: Knowledge, attitudes and practices in eye health and disability in Sierra Leone – Study Report 2014

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