Regional Disability Statistics Groups

The Washington Group on Disability Statistics (WG) was established to address the need for cross-nationally comparable population-based measures of disability.

With support from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the WG has been able to continue its international work and has, in addition, begun to shift focus from providing global/national support, to building capacity regionally.

To that end, the WG is promoting the establishment of Regional Disability Statistics Groups that would carry on the work of the WG at a regional level. The goal is to create a consortium of National Statistical Offices (NSOs) that, working in consultation with civil society and advocacy groups, could be established as a viable and sustainable support mechanism for the implementation of the WG tools and methodology – on a regional basis.

To-date the WG has identified and initiated activities the following regions:

  • Island countries in the Pacific: Pacific Group on Disability Statistics [PGDS]
  • Arabic-speaking countries of Northern Africa and the Middle East (ESCWA region): Casablanca Group
  • French-speaking and Western/Central Africa: Brazzaville Group
  • English-speaking and Southern/ Eastern Africa: South/East Africa Group
  • Russian-speaking countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region: Moscow Group
  • South Asian region: Kathmandu Group
  • Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries in Latin America and the Caribbean: Buenos Aires Group
  • English-speaking countries in the Caribbean region

No formal activities have been initiated in the regions below:

  • South-East Asia
  • Eastern Europe
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