Informational Meeting on Experiences with the Child Functioning Module-Teacher Version


Data on disability in childhood is essential  to better understand and address unmet needs and barriers to full participation of children with disabilities in areas that are fundamental for their development, including access to education, health, basic services, and recreation. In response to this, the Washington Group on Disability Statistics and UNICEF developed the Child Functioning Module (CFM) to identify children with a disability. This tool is designed for administration to parents or primary caregivers.

In recognition that in some settings, particularly education settings, modifications to the CFM may be necessary, a version intended to be administered to teachers and school administrators has been created.  This tool, the CFM-Teacher Version (CFM-TV), is still under development and further testing is needed.

There has been an increased interest in exploring the use of the CFM-TV in a range of contexts, including in humanitarian crisis and emergency settings, and the Washington Group Secretariat has responded to a series of requests from partners for information and access to the tool. As evidence on the implementation of the CFM-TV is still limited, the Washington Group Secretariat covened this meeting to promote an exchange of knowledge among these partners on their experiences with the CFM-TV which will provide valuable information and may generate collaborations among the initiatives.

The video recording of this meeting can be accessed through this link.