Online Webinar: UNICEF Disability Data Collection – and Companion Booklet

Written by Claudia Cappa

Category: Implementation

31/07/2019 - 31/07/2019

With the view to promoting Inclusive Education systems, the UNICEF RO for CEE/CIS in collaboration with the Education Section at HQ, has developed a cohesive set of products related to Inclusive Education, products that will support the capacity development of UNICEF staff and provide them with a set of materials that can be used in the field. Therefore, we are hosting of a series of webinars and companion booklets, each dedicated to a specific thematic area under the overall title of A Rights-Based Approach to Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities.

The webinar series is intended to provide practical guidance to UNICEF staff and their partners on the issues of Inclusive Education with a focus on children with disabilities, by exploring specific concerns, policy and implementation issues specific to fourteen thematic areas. The webinars provide the audience with the necessary tools and references to guide further study and determine the capacity development needs of each country. Each webinar and its companion booklet was developed by an expert on a specific thematic area.

The following are the themes covered in the series:
1. Conceptualizing Inclusive Education and Contextualizing it within the UNICEF Mission 
2. Legislation and Policy for Inclusive Education 
3. EMIS and Children with Disabilities
4. Financing of Inclusive Education
5. Definition and Classification of Disability 
6. Disability Data Collection
7. Mapping Children with Disabilities Out of School and Child-Find Responsibilities
8. Partnerships, Advocacy and Communication for Social Change
9. Inclusive Pre-school Programmes
10. Access to School and the Learning Environment I – Physical, Information and Communication 
11. Access to the Learning Environment II – Universal Design for Learning
12. Teachers, Inclusive, Child-centered Teaching, and Pedagogy
13. Parents, Family and Community Involvement
14. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Access the Companion Technical Boolet here.