How do I train enumerators?

Training enumerators in how to use the WG questions is crucial and should ideally be followed up by ongoing supervision in the field. Key points to emphasize in training include:

  • The word ‘disability’ is not mentioned in the introductory statement or the questions and should NOT be mentioned at all during data collection.
  • The reasons why WG focuses on ‘functioning’ as opposed to ‘disability’, noting that the questions are not diagnosis, disease or condition-based, but instead focus on difficulties that anyone might experience.
  • The use of screening questions (e.g. ‘Do you have a disability?’) or introductory statements (e.g. ‘The next set of questions are about disability’) will affect responses to the subsequent WG questions. Screening questions or statements should not be used under any circumstances, whether in a census or in a household survey.
  • Questions need to be asked exactly as they have been worded. If questions are explained to participants using inappropriate or negative language, this may influence the way participants respond. This includes the response categories. These should be kept as is, and definitely not changed to yes/no responses.
  • Enumerators should never skip questions or fill in the answers based merely on their observations (e.g. if they observe that respondent is using a wheelchair): they must ask all the questions to the participant.