Book resource: International Measurement of Disability: Purpose, Method and Application

Written by Barbara M. Altman

22/08/2019 - 22/08/2019

This volume provides an informed review of the Washington Group accomplishments in the provision of international data and statistics on disability within the context of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It includes a description of the development and testing of a short set of questions for Censuses, now used in approximately 29 countries; the experiences of several countries on the use of the Washington Group questions and how this has impacted on national agendas in the area of disability; the development and testing of an extended set of questions for use in national surveys other than censuses; the challenges of translation and the importance of generating comparable question sets in different languages and within different cultures; the examination of cognitive testing techniques in a variety of countries; and the results of the first round of censuses in 2010 in countries using the six question set. 

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