Seventh meeting: Dublin, 19-21 September 2007

19/09/2007 - 21/09/2007


The seventh meeting of the Washington Group on Disability Statistics was held September 19-21 in Dublin, Ireland hosted by the Irish Central Statistics Office Ireland (CSO) with assistance from the National Disability Authority (NDA). The workgroup on the short set addressed the use of the short set as a screener and presented an alternative (optional) question on upper body function. The combined workgroup on data analysis and methodological issues provided further analyses of the pre-test data presented at the 6th meeting. A large part of the seventh meeting was dedicated to a discussion of work being done on the extended set of disability questions for surveys and survey modules. A proposal to develop an extended question set for the purpose of assessing equalization of opportunities was presented by the extended sets workgroup. In addition to the workgroup sessions, country reports were presented and updates were provided by the United Nations Statistical Division, UNESCAP and the World Bank regarding their activities related to disability statistics.


Present additional work on short set:

  • Present results of additional pre-testing (if any)
  • Present results of additional analyses of pre-test data
  • Present any revisions to original six questions
  • Present work on use of short set as a screener
  • Present option for measuring upper body function
  • Present proposal for extended set and test results if available.
  • Discuss strategic issues.


Seventh Washington Group meeting – Agenda [pdf]

Papers and Presentations

Session 1: Opening Session

Objectives: To welcome meeting participants; provide practical information; provide an update on the work of the WG and developments since the last meeting in Kampala, Uganda; and to review the objectives and agenda for this meeting

Session 2: Development of Extended Sets

Objectives: This session will focus on the development of the extended measures sets. The WG workgroup on extended measurement sets will present a proposal for extended set/s specifying the justification for the set/s and identifying decision points. There will also be a presentation of the Eurostat work and work of the Budapest initiative and other work in the area.

Session 4: Further Analysis of Pre-test and Improvement of Short Set

Workgroups on analysis and methodological issues will present the results of additional analyses that were requested at the 6th WG meeting in Uganda. In addition, plans for publication of the pre-test results will be discussed.

Session 5: Update on Short Set Activities

The workgroup on the short set will present revisions to question set; their work on development of an alternative (optional) question on upper body function; and will address the use of the short set as a screener

Session 6: Country Experiences

This session includes a presentation on the recent developments and implementations of the Washington Group questions in Censuses and surveys among member nations including the Irish Census; a discussion of findings as a result of several pilot studies, the three nation study in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay; the pilot studies in Uganda and Tanzania. In a separate section the need for implementation assistance for the upcoming Census cycle will be discussed

Session 8: Country Reports and UN Survey

This session includes summaries of country reports; updates on other Washington Group and collaborative activities

Executive Summary of the 7th Meeting

Extended Set Workgroup

The Extended Set Workgroup will address the next major step of the WG. The chair serves as the main contact Information regarding the workgroup topic and chair is provided below. WG members who wish to volunteer to participate in this group should contact the workgroup chair.

 Workgroup on the Extended Set/s

Chair: Margie Schneider, South Africa

The workgroup was charged with developing an extended question set (or sets) for use in surveys and survey modules with the intended purpose of assessing equalization of opportunities. It was agreed that as a first step this workgroup would address expanding upon the set of domains already covered in the short set, adding supplementary questions within domains (cause, age at onset, duration), begin a discussion on how best to capture environmental factors and explore different ways to measure participation. The WG will collaborate with the Budapest Initiative, Eurostat and UNESCAP on development of the extended set/s.