Disability Measurement and the Washington Group on Disability Statistics for Non-Government Organisations, March 2017

16/03/2017 - 16/03/2017

Note: The video links will take you to the University College London website, where the videos are hosted.

These videos are a live recording of an Introductory training for Non-Government Organisations. At times some of the question and answer section may be hard to hear. If you need clarification  please email WG_Secretariat [at] cdc.gov

Session 1 Video: Overview of Disability Measurement and the Washington Group Short Set (1h 35m)

Session 1 Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Topics Covered:

  • State of disability data
  • Conceptual model behind WG methodology
  • Challenges with collecting disability data
  • WG objectives, history, development and global use
  • Limitations

Session 2 Video: Collecting Disability Data (1h 42m)

Session 2 Accompanying PowerPoint presentation

Topics Covered:

  • Challenges of collecting disability data
  • What does not work
  • Translation
  • Interviewer training

Session 3 Video: The Importance & Feasibility of Disaggregation by Disability Status (57m)

Session 3 Accompanying PowerPoint presentation

Topics Covered:

  • What sort of data can the WG Short Set produce
  • The issue of prevelance
  • Recommendations for cut off and defining disability using the WG
  • Sustainable Development Goals and disaggregation
  • How to disaggregate WG data
  • Where you can use the WG questions
  • What disaggregation can and cannot do

Session 4 Video: The WG/UNICEF Module on Child Functioning (1h 14m)

Session 4 Accompanying PowerPoint presentation

Topics Covered:

  • Why do we need data on children?
  • Challenges specific to child disability measurement
  • Objectives / Principles behind the WG/UNICEF Child set of questions
  • How it was tested
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