Save the Children launches report: – Protect A Generation Report: The impact of COVID-19 on children

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions of people around the world. For some, it has caused illness or death. For others, lives have been disrupted due to lockdown and social distancing measures. While some people have been affected more than others, we know one thing for sure – children are most at risk of having their lives derailed by the consequences of this pandemic, both in the short term and potentially for many years to come.

Earlier this year, Save the Children carried out a global survey spearheaded by the Asia Regional Office to understand the true impact that COVID-19 has had on children and their families, and to hear directly from children themselves. The survey is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind – capturing the voices of over 25,000 children, parents and caregivers from 37 countries. The survey design captures disability, using WG tools, throughout and shows that persons with disabilities are amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic and thus contributes to filling the evidence gap on the situation for persons with disabilities. There will be a series of reports available based on this study whereof one will be on disability specifically.

The results of the survey have been released as a global reports series available on Save the Children’s website:

The findings send a clear message: the COVID-19 pandemic has widened pre-existing inequalities. The most marginalised and vulnerable, already struggling to stay healthy, stay safe or go to school, are being pushed even further behind. This is particularly true for adults and children with disabilities. There is a real danger that there will be a reversal of progress made over the last 20 years.

Upcoming Translations

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