Disability Data Advocacy Toolkit Released

On October 21, the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities, the International Disability Alliance, and CBM Global Disability Inclusion officially launched the first comprehensive Disability Data Advocacy Toolkit at a session during the UN World Data Forum.

This toolkit was created in response to increasing interest and requests from persons with disabilities and their representative organizations from all over the world. The aim of this toolkit is to contribute to the growing global dialogue on the importance of data on persons with disabilities, specifically to provide some basic knowledge on data collection, analysis, and use of data for evidenced based advocacy to influence policy and decision makers. The toolkit discusses the use of the WG questions as best practices to be employed in data collections and disaggregating data by disability.

Download the toolkit here: http://cbm-global.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/DisabilityData_advocacytoolkit_accessible.pdf 

More information may be found at the CBM Global page here: https://cbm-global.org/news/disability-data-toolkit/ and the Disability Data Advocacy Working Group page here: https://www.internationaldisabilityalliance.org/content/disability-data-advocacy-working-group.