Rationale and Purpose

Rationale and Purpose

Disability Information from Censuses  More Information

A brief overview on the development of the Short Set of 6 questions and how they can be used in a national census to improve the quality and international comparability of disability measures.

Understanding and Interpreting Disability (2009) More Information

Official protocols for how to interpret the data collected from the Short Set of 6 questions. It includes information on:

  • how to evaluate participation (a means to monitor the UN convention)
  • determine the prevalence of difficulty in a range of domains

The matrix as a framework for the development of the Extended SetMore Information

An explanation of the development of the matrix

Development of an Internationally Comparable Disability Measure for CensusesMore Information

This document was development to inform National Statistical Offices of the work of the Washington Group. It includes information on:

  • the rationale for the choice of questions
  • advice on how to use the data
  • a question testing protocol

Monitoring the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilityMore Information

This document outlines the ways in which the WG question sets are applicable to the UN convention. It contains information on:

  • Why and how to use the WG questions to monitor the UN Convention

Proposed Purpose of an Internationally Comparable General Disability Measure (2004) More Information

This document outlines the Washington Group position on the purpose of developing internationally comparable tools to measure and monitor disability.

Statement of rationale for the Washington Group general measure on disabilityMore Information

Outlines the rationale for the Short Set of 6 questions